“Steve worked with us to select the right unit. He even trialled one of our smaller codes we use and sent through an explanation video.

Our order for the Saveo scanner was processed quickly and efficiently. Even though we are an international client, our scanner arrived 2 days later.

The device works excellently and processes a range of barcodes without any problems.

We are running database trials and will be requiring more units.

Thanks again to Saveo for a great service and excellent product.”

IntelliTICKETS, a branch of Intelligenia

Intelligenia was born as a web engineering startup in Granada, Spain, in 2008. From its beginnings with three people, it has grown into a team of 30 professionals with expertise in Information and Communication Technology and Digital Marketing. They have created several technology platforms, one of which is IntelliTICKETS, an online service that manages ticket sales online and in print format. It is used by museums, theatres, cultural events, sports centres and, in general, all venues that require ticket management and access control.

How did you get to know about the Stima printers and Saveo Scan?

We already had the online ticketing platform, the next step was to set up a physical box office and also access control. In order to do that we first needed ticket printing hardware, and we set about testing some laser printing and thermal printing systems. We went for the thermal system because a box office unit must deliver high performance and be robust. Stimare was clearly the best among the alternatives, because your printers are small yet very high quality. We also needed to be able to effectively control access to the events, and that’s where the Saveo Scan comes in. It reads the tickets generated by the printer and the ones the customers bring from home or on the phone. In the end, the final integration of the printer and the scanner with our own software and the results have been a complete success.

How have you integrated the Stima SML printer and the Saveo Scan with your events and what are their advantages?

With the Stima SML we can offer the full service: the online platform as well as the box office with its printing hardware. The first thing that catches the attention of people about the printer when we set up the events is its tiny size and printing speed. We come in armed with a briefcase only and everyone is puzzled when we bring the small equipment out. You need fast and agile machinery to print a large batch of tickets in little time, and Stima SML really fits the bill. Saveo Scan is also very fast and reads barcodes to a considerable distance, on paper or screen surface. It’s easy to use by everyone as well and its reading speed covers very well our needs of access validation.