Saveo BOLT


Saveo BOLT™ is a rugged, harsh environment scanner that turns your smartphone into an enterprise handheld barcode scanner. Traditionally, many app developers use a phone’s camera to scan a barcode, leading to poor operating performance. The smartphone’s camera consumes battery power, and scan success is compromised by both weather and light conditions. Cheaper phones also struggle to decode scan data quickly enough, forcing users to buy expensive handhelds. Industrial scanning solutions, on the other hand, tend not to have the most up to date OS functionality and the hardware often lags behind that available to consumers. Saveo BOLT handheld barcode scanner eliminates the problems of both conventional approaches. It is a rugged handheld barcode scanner that turns any smartphone into an enterprise barcode scanner, giving you the best of both worlds – smartphone intelligence and robust, industry-level functionality and performance.

Saveo BOLT™ is a next-generation smart handheld barcode scanner for Android®, iOS®, and Windows® devices. Saveo BOLT™ features a rugged industrial build quality and is certified IP67, Ex (Atex), Anti-Microbial and for repeated drops of up to 2 meters.