Saveo BOLT


Saveo BOLT™ is a next-generation smart barcode scanner for Android®, iOS®, and Windows® devices. A universal quick-release mounting system allows for any type of smartphone or tablet to be integrated in seconds, whilst providing interoperability with a growing range of Saveo Scan devices. Flex-Protect ‘invisible’ device cables allow for your device to fast charge and data to be securely transferred whilst in use, whilst protecting your device’s charging port. Use completely wirelessly with a Bluetooth Low Energy connection with instant auto-switching feature. Saveo BOLT™ has been designed to give you an edge in your scanning operations & excels in inventory control, logistics, ticketing, retail, manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Saveo BOLT features a rugged industrial build quality and is certified IP67, Ex (Atex), Anti-Microbial and for repeated drops of up to 2 meters.