We have launched the Saveo Scan Newsletter

We launched the Saveo Scan Newsletter with our customers on the 3rd of February. The first issue introduced our brand new product Saveo Scan Embedded, a scanning device used mostly in kiosk mode that can also be desktop mounted which serves multiple scanning applications, such as production line, ATM, Kiosk and POS.

Click here to see the original Newsletter issue.

Saveo Embedded OEM Scanner and mounting bracket


Click on the video to see it in action.

Saveo Scan in action at Baku 2015

Saveo Scan was proud to provide barcode scanners for the 2015 European Games in Baku, in conjunction with Tickethour. Watch the video to see how Saveo Scan scanned 700,000 tickets with 170 scanners at a rate of 500 scans per minute.


Saveo Scan promotion with Audience View

Audience View customers should be aware of a joint sales promotion running until the end of December 2015. Contact your Audience View relationship managers for further details.

E-Ticketing with Saveo Scan

E-tickets are becoming an increasingly convenient way to buy and sell tickets, now that booking online & smartphones are so popular.

Apple’s Passbook and Android’s Passwallet technologies are now in use across many different industries, from cinemas to airlines. These systems also enable the use of loyalty cards, gift cards, coupons and more.

Saveo Scan is ideal for handling large volumes of these e-tickets. Its 2D Motorola (SE4500) scan engine is equipped to effortlessly read the many different types of barcodes in use with E-tickets, whether reading from a smartphone screen or from a print out.

As Saveo Scan integrates with a wide range of off–the-shelf Bluetooth enabled devices and Google Android devices, it can fully utilize the latest in mobile wireless technology, providing an Auto-ID solution with real-time data entry and instant validation.

Check out the Saveo Scan scanning eTickets from a smartphone screen:

Saveo Scan teams up with Ticketmatic


We are delighted to be working with Ticketmatic, they have recently chosen the Saveo Scan to use as the solution to work alongside their user-friendly Ticketmatic Scanning App.

Ticketmatic are the leading performing arts ticketing software provider in Belgium and the Netherlands. Some of their most prestigious clients are Ancienne Belgique in Brussels and Koninklijk Theater Carré in Amsterdam.