SAVEO NT series handheld barcode scanners come in wired, wireless, and Bluetooth connection modes, providing flexibility for users to choose the mode that best fits their needs. The scanners have varying memory capacities that can store thousands of codes, which can be uploaded in batch later. The scanners have anti-shock and quakeproof technology, making them durable and long-lasting. Additionally, scanners within the NT series devices have CMOS and CCD imaging technology that enables quick scanning and reading of 1D, 2D, data matrix, and PDF417 barcodes. These barcode scanners are ideal for businesses in the retail sector and can help improve efficiency, accuracy, and speed in barcode scanning operations. Whether you need a scanner with a long-range wireless connection, a wired device with a wide scan zone, or a scanner that can easily decode 2D barcode symbology, these products have you covered. They offer convenience, reliability, and durability for commercial use.