Saveo Pocket Scan

Small Form Factor

Our smallest scanner with Bluetooth connectivity and 1D CCD or 2D imager scan engines.

Big Potential

Open up a new level of mobility and usability with the Saveo Pocket Scan wireless scanner.


Retail, Inventory Control, Mass Transit, Field Service, Access Control, Ticketing, Pharmaceutical.

  • Small form factor

    It fits in your hand and in your pocket

  • Ergonomic and very comfortable to use
  • Compatible with Android, Windows and Bluetooth based mobile devices
  • HID keyboard input

    Start scanning instantly, saving you the time and cost of software development.

  • Bluetooth Class 1 Connectivity

    Possible with any Android, Windows or Bluetooth based mobile device.

  • Three scan engines available

    1D CDD, 2D Motorola SE4500 and 2D imager

  • LCD screen model available
  • Charges via mini-USB

Saveo Pocket Scan enables you to connect to your smartphone or tablet giving you an untethered and extremely mobile wireless barcode scanner suitable for multiple uses as outlined in the Applications above. Connect the scanner to your mobile device over Bluetooth and it’ll be up and running in no time. It fits comfortably in your hand and your pocket thanks to its ergonomic design, small size and light weight. It’s available with and without LCD screen depending on your needs. Browse the specific models below.

Available Models