Saveo Scan’s new long range CCD capability

CCD (Charge Coupled Device) Barcode Scanners have been around for quite a while; they use an image sensor to take a photo of the barcode, which is then transposed to alphanumeric data, all in a fraction of a second.

CCD Barcode Scanners typically have fast scanning speeds but a low scan range, often less than 8cm from the barcode. This made them well suited to the retail checkout but not so good for other, more intensive scanning applications.

Not so with our new handheld Saveo Scan barcode scanner, it comfortably reaches ten times that, scanning up to 80cm from the barcode. This is a clear advantage in the field, especially when scanning those hard to reach barcodes, such as those high up on stocking shelves.

This makes the task of inventory capture much easier for the operator and a lot safer too. In many industries these time savings and improvements to worker safety are immeasurable.

As the advanced Motorola CCD scan engine inside the Saveo Scan RCCD-BH contains no moving parts, it is very durable for use in the field.

Saveo Scan RCCD-BH has all the benefits of traditional CCD scan engines, such as speed, accuracy and durability, whilst delivering many more modern capabilities. This makes it ideal for warehousing, inventory, logistics, supply chain, healthcare and pharmaceutical use.

The fact that it can be paired with any number of modern wireless Bluetooth enabled devices and Android devices over a secure wired USB-OTG or BT connection makes it ideal for deploying in a time of rapid evolution in SAAS, SAP, ERP and mobile technology.

Check out our Saveo Scan’s Long Range CCD scanning capabilities in action:

Saveo Scan Launches New Site

Saveo Scan is proud to announce the launch of our new site. Here you will find everything you need to know about our exciting new range of barcode scanners.